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• Delamination - plastic injection troubleshooter

• Description:

Separation of layers in the moulded part that can be peeled off, flaking of surface layers. It results from insufficient layer bonding due to inhomogeneities and high shear stresses.

• Causes:
machine · injection speed too high
mould · mould too cold
· sharp corners in gate area
· shear heat caused at sharp corners
material · melt too hot
· poorly melted
· incompatible colour dyes
· cross contamination with other polymers
· too much use of recycled material

• Actions:


increase melt temperature

2nd. increase mould temperature
3rd. decrease injection speed
4th. eliminate contamination
5th check percentage regrind
6th dry material
7th purge equipment
8th change material
9th radius all sharp corners at gate

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