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Industrial Production Manager and Stock Control software

Stock Control is a small Production managerial software that we have been using in our Company for some time now.
This software will let you control any production, stock or supplier. With it, you can :

  • define unlimited products
  • create multiple suppliers and/or companies
  • control orders, check productions and materials
  • define composite products
  • calculate orders relating to existing stocks
  • control lead times to order raw materials
  • control production and break-down hours
  • define suppliers, clients, subcontractors
  • and some more..
Stock and Manufacture control software

Can work with one or multiple companies.
Can print listing of all the data bases, ordered by any column you need.
Remembers every input / output made to materials and products, for control.
Possibility of working in a network from several computers with a single, common database.

Free Download Download ( - 370k)

Please fell free to  download  a DEMO of this software that already contains a simple sample database for you to try it. To get the full unrestricted version, just go to it's webpage and check how to get it. This software is now 'donationware', so it may be one of the lower cost software of it's kind available.

Home page
For more information, licenses, and downloads, please proceed to the software's own  Home page

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