- molds and plastics  injection troubleshooter -

• Flash - plastic injection troubleshooter

• Description:

A film of material attached to the moulding at the mould parting line.

• Causes:
machine · clamping pressure too low
· injection pressure too high
· injection speed too fast
mould · inadequate mould supports
· clamping force too low
· damaged mould surface: parting line
· excessive projected area
material · melt too hot
· viscosity too low

• Actions:

1st. reduce injection speed
2nd. reduce injection pressure and/or booster time
3rd. increase clamping force
4th. check mould for proper mould support and/or parallelism
5th reduce melt temperature
6th reduce mould temperature
7th check excessive vent depths
8th change to higher clamping machine

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