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• Jetting - plastic injection troubleshooter

• Description:

A turbulent flow in the resin melt: the melt strand enters the cavity in an uncontrolled way. Due to cooling down, the strand is not fused homogeneously with the melt that follows. It shows as a serpentine line on the part surface.
Too little restriction when filling the cavity -material is injected in empty space (wrong gate angle).

• Causes:
machine · injection speed too fast
mould · mould too cold
· gates too small
· gate land length wrong
· wrong gate location
material · melt too cold

• Actions:

1st. decrease injection speed
2nd. check nozzle heating
3rd. increase mould temperature
4th. increase melt temperature
5th increase gate size
6th avoid gating at thick section
7th modify gate location or angle: directly into wall or pin
8th use tab gate or submarine plus pin

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